I'm hahatango

(aka aaron tang)
I am a creative.... a designer, artist, musician, tech addict, foodie, conference junkie, visualizer, inventor, educator, disruptor, ideas enthusiast, events planner, love ultimate frisbee and tennis, am Cantonese, grew up in Kansas, and have a blog at Designverb though I just post to the Facebook page now after too many hacks.

I create objects, interfaces, experiences, spaces, methods, services, brands, events, and at times ideas I can't describe. I love creative new ideas!

I studied at RISD for Industrial Design, Harvard's GSD about information space, the MIT Media Laboratory about tangible media and smart cities, then became a researcher for the MIT Design Lab: Mobile Experience Laboratory . I've worked for Sony, Design Continuum, Herbst Lazar Bell, Siemens Medical, Invivia, TED, several start-ups big corporations, and most recently at litl working for a serial entrepreneur rethinking, disrupting, and launching many companies.

Upon a global executive promotion I decided to leave my Dream job to start my own dream, but before that I took 2 years to travel the globe to relearn while meeting startups, schools, farms, etc. I called this project I Said Go while documenting my learnings on Instagram jumping everywhere I went, representing a jump in life, not following the status quo, and being yourself going after your dreams.

In 2017, I will be going 1000% on my dream to Access Experience for all in creating a marketplace for Creativity on the Go.

I've played the violin for 15+ years, been on two TV shows (ABC's American Inventor and PBS's Everyday Edisons), I was 1 of 100 artist selected worldwide to design a shoe for Converse Join RED, designed a Timbuk2 Charity Bag. I also organized TEDxCambridge.com themed "How do you eat" in 2011, I have reviewed portfolios for RISD several years am often a RISD guest critic,and take part in several other spontaneous fun projects so feel free to contact me.

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location: boston
hangouts: hahatango@gmail.com
skype: hahatango
whats app / cell: 401.481.5916

my favorite
- Food: sushi
- Expedition: Antarctica
- Country: Iceland
- Superpower: to fly
- Color: green
- Magazine: Fast Compnay
- Ice cream: Ben&Jerrys Mint Chocolate Chip
- Snack: kale chips

- Conference: EG and TED   
- Material: aerogel
- Gadget: hypersonic speakers
- Oddity: siphoning beads
- Surprise: miracle berries
- Liquor: green chartreuse